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  Sarıkamış Ski Centre 50km away from Kars, is on a muddy mount in Sarıkamış county. In Sarıkamış Ski Centre there is one 844m long teleski facility and two ski houses.

The ski season in Sarıkamış Ski Centre is from December to April and the thickness of the snow in Sarıkamış reaches up to 50-200cm. In the centre the track length is 1200m.

Also a 2 quartet teleskis that run by the Ministry of Tourism at Cıbıltete in Sarıkamış Ski Centre. Sarıkamış boasts its Alpine quality snow. Many professional skiers find Sarıkamış one of the best resorts to get the most of it. The region is also one of the best artisan dairy producers region. The quality of the cheese, butter, honey attracts the breakfast lovers from all around the world. The air without any humid makes the skiing conditions sustainable hours and hours day and night.




There are 2 hotels in Sarıkamış Ski Center: Ekinata Grand Toprak Hotel, Çamkar Hotel and Snow Flake Hote. Sarıkamış

Ski Centre has 55 rooms and 132 beds and the other five-star equivalent has 120 basic rooms, 11 corner rooms, 5 suites and 4 royal suites.


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Toprak Otel


Çamkar Otel

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  Ski Tracks  

Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Centre has a rarely seen crystal snow on the tracks. Although most days of the year is sunny at Sarıkamış Ski Centre the snow does not lose that property and there is no risk of an avalanche because the tracks in Sarıkamış Ski Centre have been surrounded by a yellow pine forest and are protected against the wind. Sarıkamış Ski resort beginning just beside Çamkıran in Sarıkamış Ski Centre has a 2400 people capacitied computer hardware chair lift system. There are two stages consisting of 5 tracks at miscellaneous difficulty levels. The Cıbıltepe at 2700m altitude inrent your car today by Sarıkamış Ski Centre. First stage in Sarıkamış Ski Centre is for the beginners and 2400m long, the second stage is 2200m long and has 4 tracks. Skiing is available in Sarıkamış Ski Centre 7km through the Sarıçam Forest. Total track length of the centre reaches upto 17km. Also there exists a cross country area of which 5km is registered by FIS (International Ski Federation). (Total length is 50km)


  The hotels in Sarıkamış Ski Centre are 45km away from Kars and 110km away from Erzurum. The hotels have transfers to the airport. The first option for people who want access to Sarıkamış Ski Centre by land is by Giresun-Tirebol-Torul-Erzincan-Erzurum-Sarıkamış. The second option Trabzon-Erzurum-Sarıkamış, the third one is Hopa-Artvşn-Kars-Sarıkamış from middle Anatolia, Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars route would be a preferred choice..  



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