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  Uludag Kartalkaya Palandöken Sivrice
  Erciyes Kartepe Ilgaz Zigana
  Saklikent Sarikamis Bitlis Sakaltutan
  Bozdag Eleskirt Elmadag Yolcati




  Ilgaz Ski Centre is in Ilgaz National Park where it is located at 2850m altitude on the Ilgaz Mountain Range between Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces border. Ilgaz Ski Centre,besides winter tourism, is also available for four season tourism with its beautiful scenic views.




In Ilgaz Ski Centre the ski season begins at the beginning of December and lasts till the month of April. There are 3 facilities in Ilgaz Ski Centre. The Ilgaz Ski Centre and Ilgaz Hotel Region are covered by fir and yellow pine trees.

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  Ski Tracks  
There are 2 tracks in Ilgaz Ski Centre. The chair-lift serving at track no.1 has been placed just in front of the hotel in Ilgaz Ski Centre. In Ilgaz Ski Centre there is a teleski at 1410m long, track no.2 and all tracks are available for skiing on powdery snow. At 2010m the summit of track no.2 there is the Zirve Cafe. There is also the opportunity to ski at night on track no.1 in Ilgaz Ski Centre. In addition there is a 350m long baby lift in Ilgaz Ski Centre.



Ilgaz Ski Centre is 210km away from Ankara, 460km from Istanbul and 40km from Kastamonu. To access Ilgaz Ski Centre after arriving at Gerede exit on the Istanbul – Ankara highway you must enter Karabük way, 30km after the roundabout to Samsun-Çankırı direction. Approximately after 130km the Ilgaz-Ankara-Samsun-Çankırı roundabout can be reached. People coming from Ankara direction can arrive to the same roundabout via the Çankırı-Ilgaz road. After turning to Kastamonu direction after 25km from the roundabout you will reach to the summit where the General Directorate of Highways Ilgaz Renewal Facility exists. From here after slopeing downwards for about 2km, you come to Mount Ilgaz National Park crossroad. Ilgaz Ski Centre is only 1.5km away from here.


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Another alternative to reach Ilgaz Ski Centre is to arrive in Kastamonu by bus. Getting on the Ankara bus from Kastamonu then get off at the General Directorate of Highways Ilgaz Renewal Facility and with the bus services provided by the hotels in Ilgaz Ski Centre, it is possible to reach the Mount. People who come from Ankara direction can access Ilgaz Ski Centre by getting of the bus in front of General Directorate of Highways Ilgaz Renewal Facility.




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