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  Uludag Kartalkaya Palandöken Sivrice
  Erciyes Kartepe Ilgaz Zigana
  Saklikent Sarikamis Bitlis Sakaltutan
  Bozdag Eleskirt Elmadag Yolcati





Erciyes Ski Centre has been set at Mount Erciyes (3916m) the highest summit of Anatolia, and located 25km south of Erciyes Province. Mount Erciyes is a young extinct volcano. There are many sides of volcano cones to be seen on Erciyes.


The higher points of Erciyes are covered permanently by snow through out the year. There is also an iceberg on the north side of Mount Erciyes.The crater was formed by external effects and several sharp hillocks appeared. At the summit of Mount Erciyes among the rock columns there is an interesting cave where it had been used as a religious celebration place for Bizantine monks. Erciyes Ski Centre is on the Tekir Plateau where it takes place on the northern side of Mount Erciyes.





In Erciyes Ski Centre along with the hotels there is a 140 bed capacitied Ski House belonging to the General Directorate of Physical Education, 100 bed capacity belonging to the General Directorate of Highways,100 bed capacitied resorts belonging to the 12th District Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. At the cafeterias (open during the summer and winter) in Erciyes Ski Centre there is a wide range of food on the menu from Kayseri ravioli to faggot and meatballs.


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Bülent Otel

Mirada Del Lago Otel

Grand Eras Erciyes

Ace Erciyes Otel

Dedeman Otel

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  Ski Tracks  
The skiing area in Erciyes Ski Centre is between 1800–3000m altitude. The total length of the tracks in Erciyes Ski Centre is about 12km long. The longest track in Erciyes Ski Centre is 3.5km. There are 8 mechanical lifts in Erciyes where you can enjoy the delights of powdery snow and skiing. By lift in Erciyes Ski Centre, 3 of them are by Baby-lift,3 of them by Teleski and 2 of them preferred more than most are operated by Zümrüt chair-lift. The First chair lift in Erciyes Ski Centre is 1500m long, begins at 2215m altitude and ends at 2550m. The second chair lift that is mostly targeted by proffessional skiers is 1600m long and exposes the skier to 2550 to 3000m altitude.

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This chair lift in Erciyes Ski Centre is the longest one in Turkey. The opportunity for skiing occurs from November to March in Erciyes Ski Centre. Under normal climate conditions in Erciyes Ski Centre the thickness of the snow is about 2m and skiers have the opportunity to ski on the snow.


In Erciyes Ski Centre there is a village clinic open 24 hours for the skiers who might be faced with health complications during the season also the tracks are patrolled regularly


  Erciyes Ski centre is 30km away from Kayseri Airport and 25km from the city centre.. Access from Kayseri city centre to Erciyes Ski Centre is possible by private vehicles. Also many hotels in Erciyes Ski Centre organise bus services for their customers.




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