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Want to drive your car to the ski resorts? You may freely use our Rental Car Online Booking System for this. Make sure that the rental company provides essential items before you drive under snowy conditions. Please provide the below list for their attention. Alternatively, you can purchase in the malls (Migros, Carrefour, Metro, Kipa (Tesco), Özdilek, Real, A101, Beğendik) or car part dealers on the road before you wind up to the mountain.


Important tems before you drive to the ski resorts: (Lack of below items may result in to be refused in official road safety check points by MP / Police / Gendarmerie / Sheriff)


1- Snow tires (Ask the dealer for it)

2- Snow chain (Ask the dealer for it)

3- Towing line (Ask the dealer for it)


Essential items must be in the car at all times: (Double check before you leave the station. Lack of those items may result in a traffic violation and requires penalty and immediate confiscation of the vehicle by the police)


1- First aid kit

2- Fire extinguisher (Check the pressure gauge built on it and the expiry date)

3- Reflective triangles

4- Spare tire (Must be in good condition)


Recommended items before you drive to the mountain:


1- Ice scraper and de-icer

2- Extra screen wash * (Pour some frost-protective liquids - Search the label as "Antifriz" - The blue liquid)

3- Torch

4- Coat, scarf, gloves and blanket

5- Boots

6- Shovel

7- High-Vis jacket

8- Phone & car charger

9- Empty fuel can (Make sure the tank is full before you depart, some agents deliver less petrol in the car)

10- Snacks to eat


* Make sure the radiator has also some antifreeze solutions. Ask the card dealer people.


Check the document on the right about how to drive on icy and snowy road conditions. You will find some useful hints and advises for the drivers. Click the image or download the document now.


Some useful tips about driving in Turkeyhow to drive in the snow


Getting help: If you need a help, taxi drivers should be the most appropriate people to interact with. Small donations and tips would greatly be appreciated by them, some drivers may refuse the tip as you are the valued guest (Traditional Turkish Hospitality) of this country. However don't forget that there is always a possibility to encounter some self-seeker people on the road. Just a friendly word of advice!


Toll highways & bridges: Ask the receptionist before you leave from the rental station in which auto-toll-payment system is your rental car registered to. HGS and OGS systems are widely used in Turkey (Similar to the EZ Pass system). Make sure there is enough credit in it and passing through the designated lane for auto-charge. For instance, do not pass through OGS line if the car is registered to the HGS system. Some agents may tell you the bill will be added to the license plate later. In this case, always use HGS lines as default. For the travellers from Istanbul to Bursa - Uludağ, you may wish to use newly opened Osmangazi Suspension Bridge. Provide some notes and cash to be paid upon arrival to the cash points (Appx 25 EUR per pass). You can also use your credit cards. Alternatively, you may use Eskihisar - Topçular car ferry route. Cost is much cheaper. However, the journey takes about 45 minutes and expect long queues during the national & religious holidays, sometimes rush hours. If you have no rush, you may enjoy the view of Kocaeli Bay and a good & cost-efficient way to give a break and remember, technically you keep moving :)


Take your car's picture: Use the technology and take some pictures of the car while the key delivery guy is with you. Keep those pictures just in case. You never know and don't forget that you are taking a triple risk on the snow. It's not a normal rental procedure anymore.


Horn issue and other traffic rules: Turks are lovely however they are carrying Mediterranean blood (Doesn't matter whether you are miles and miles away from the Mediterranean). An impatient horn you will hear just after the seconds when the green light is on. Although it's your turn to move, check both directions just in-case. An impatient driver may not wait for the next available green light. Forget about what you know in roundabouts. It's first come first served basis. Let them go first and drive slowly. Pedestrians are quite shy and they will never attempt use zebra cross unless the green light is on for them. Do not attempt to give them way as you will be warned a harsh horn immediately from your behind. You may put the traffic into the risk as every single driver will be such dedicated not to stop unless they see the red light. If you stop, you may put the pedestrian into risk as your next lane probably won't stop for that pedestrian. Adopt the out of EU standards while driving on the road.


Night drive: Be very very careful while driving at night especially in rural roads. Don't forget that you are in the country where the main income is farming as an organic industry. Expect lightless farm vehicles such as tractors, combine harvester, harvester thresher, trailer car. Apart from that motorbikes, village type cycles having no reflector or light will definitely not visible. You may also encounter horse or donkey riders on both sides. Make sure your headlights are well maintained and adjusted properly. Always use your high beam lights in the rural & mountain roads. Needless to say there may be some wild life animals especially in the mountains.


During Fogs: An intense fog can be a nightmare in the mountains or highways. Make sure the car you will rent have front & rear fog lamp set. As a matter of warning, Turkish drivers tend to put the emergency flashers on even they are on the move. Do not solely judge the car is stopped when you see the flashing lights are on.


Okay, after those instructions, we think you are ready to go. Make sure to take the print out of this document before you rent the car and enjoy with every moment of the freedom of stopping at the nature spot. In one of the villages, taste the authentic cuisine and local treats that you will enjoy. Don't forget to have loose leaf Black Sea Region loose leaf authentic tea served in "slim waist" glass (Turks call as "Ajda" - The name of a famous pop diva (Ajda Pekkan) in Turkey, she is over 70's but looks like on her 40's)


Anyway, where were we; Right, use the online tool that we have been provided and go. If you have some specific questions, you know were we are. Simply contact us, and we will be ready at your disposal.


Have a safe drive folks!... Team




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